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Mod. 5000+5100P+5207

Technical specifications
Pneumatic6 bar
Air volume
VoltageV. 230/1/50-60
Power ConsumptionKw 1
Net Weight264,555 lbs

Work station for the copling of lining, upper and toe-puff. This work station allows the operator to solve in an optimal way the coupling phase of the lining, the upper and the toe-puff by spraying the no-toxic water cement free from any solvent and then by passing the upper under the hot press Mod. 5000 which improves the cementing result by shaping the upper according to a curvature, which facilitates the assembly operation. To obtain the adhesion of the parts, hot pressing can take place at low temperatures (70°-80°). The spray distribution system is the best solutions to apply water cements and allows the operator to obtain a cementing without thickness due to the excess of cement, this saving the quantity of cement. It is possible to couple the uppers both with a thermo-adhesive toe-puff and without. The machines composing the work station can be ordered individually. MOD. 5000 Press to couple lining, upper and toe-puff. MOD. 5100P System for the spray distribution of water cements. MOD. 5207 Workbench with suction grid.

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