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Technical specifications
Pneumatic6 bar
Productions800/1000 pairs/8 h
Air volume20 L./cycle
VoltageV. 400/230 Hz. 50/60
Power ConsumptionKw. 1,7
Net Weight992,08 lbs

Ironing and hammering machine for shoes with pre-fitted heels, provides higher quality and finish between the heel and the seat. Model SIRIUS/CB has a oscillating hammer with adjustable hammering amplitude and translation is heated to provide very high quality workmanship, is also equipped with height correction system; the machine, whose electronic operating sequence is managed by PLC, has also features pre-programmed machine cycles for hammering very small heels. The flattening pressure and the hammering system can be adjusted, as the translation and rotation speed. SIRIUS/CB is also equipped with hinged last support to facilitate the insertion of shoes and boots, and with a side pressure shoe to keep the heel perfectly still during hammering. This machine is equipped with a soundproof cabin having door with automatic upward movement, which doesnÂ’t slow down the working cycle and allows to reduce the noise level to 83 DbA, and complies with accident prevention regulations and industrial health.

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