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Technical specifications
Pneumatic6 bar
Productions800/1000 pairs/8 h
Air volume20 L./cycle
VoltageV. 400/230 - Hz. 50/60
Power ConsumptionKw. 0,5
Net Weight793,664''

Automatic, pneumatic heel seat pounding machine, run by PLC, with interchangeable Teflon matrix, heated plate, levelling corrector and vibrating hammer. Model GAMMA G allows the levelling the heel seat with heated plate which can be adjusted according to the heel length, vibrating hammer, with the possibility of activating or deactivating vibrations for a better stretching of the back part of the shoe. The automatic levelling corrector allows the inclination of the matrix unit both on the right and on the left side in order to improve levelling on particular last shapes, also the Teflon jaw group, whose closing pressure is adjustable, line up automatically when is used this system. This machine complies with accident prevention regulations and industrial health, and reaches the maximum noise level of 83 dBA.

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