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Mod. 3224C/CF

Technical specifications
Productions1400 pairs/8h
Air volumePer cycle Lit 25
VoltageV. 230-415-440/50 V
Power ConsumptionKw 2,3
Net Weight1014,13 lbs

4 stations back-part moulding machine: 2 hot stations +2 cold stations, suitable for any type of upper, especially suited for thermoplastic or thermo-adhesive counters. Moulds and pads created from the customer’s design. Simplified pad setting for adaptability to machine mould. Pneumatic pressed of pads even on hot stations and quick changing pads. Fast and easy replacing of moulds without any dispersion of cooling liquid. Electronic control with digital temperature display. Moulds turn over on cold stations to allow a clear and ample view of the rear section of the upper and stitching. Pull-down pincers for uppers with millimetric setting. Adjustment of gripping area on the upper based on the curvature of the mould. Adjustable support reference pointer in the cold stations to allow a constant positioning of tension for the upper on the last, increasing the productivity. Pneumatic pressing suitable for materials of any thickness. Powerful liquid cooling unit. Optional included in the shown machine’s photo: - OPT 20G flanging of edge of heel seat with optical projector.

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