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Mod. 300/14V/A/7

Technical specifications
Productions2000 pairs/8 h
Air volumePer cycle cu. Lit.22 min
VoltageV. 400/50
Power ConsumptionKw. 0,100
Net Weight914,918 lbs

7 nails + screw automatic pneumatic and electronic heel nailing machine with screw-driver with programmable sequence equipped with 14 nails + screw loader, set for nails of lengths from 12 to 26 mm., with an east-west oriented hinged stand-jack. Working ladies and men with the opportunity to have a sequential or direct nailing. Features of model 300/14V/A/7 are the hydro-pneumatic cylinder block with adjustment of the second pressing, external device for speeding of sequence of nailing, the hinged nail holder arm, fast position for 2 holder tubes, the loader set up for 2 nails lengths, the view of nails into the jack, the external adjustment of nail’s depth and a wide variety of equipment for every operator requirement. This machine complies with accident prevention regulations and industrial health.

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