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Mod. 5100P/5207

Technical specifications
Pneumatic6 bar
Air volumePer cycle Lit 20
VoltageV. 230/1/50-60
Power ConsumptionKw 0,7
Net Weight319,67 lbs

System for spray distribution of water cements with suction grid mm. 700 x 600. Working bench for the spraying of latex and water glues, with suction system having one upper exhaust fan, one lower exhaust fan, three lateral suction points covered with spongy material and suction grid 700x600 mm., and with stainless steel gun and stainless steel tank with internal plastic container. The gun switch control is assembled on the standard gun body. It is possible to adjust the spray pressure and the cement thrust into the tank. The quantity of sprayed cement is adjusted by a handy ring nut placed on the gun upper side. This spray system enables to get a quick and precise cement application and can replace the application by brush by considerably reducing the working time, thus saving a considerable quantity of cement. This machine has is application in the shoe-making and leather industry and in other industrial fields, as per example paper industry.

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